Good food for body and soul at Maggie’s Fife

Pam Dunn, new nutritionist at Maggie's Fife
Pam Dunn, new nutritionist at Maggie's Fife
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Meet Pam Dunn, the new nutritionist at our Maggie’s Centre in Kirkcaldy.

Pam (59), who is from Kirkcaldy, took over the post from Kelly Anderson last month and is already helping cancer sufferers and their families eat a little more healthier and giving them advice on small changes to their diet which can help their bodies cope better with the disease.

“Our diet is the way we eat and keep ourselves healthy and nourished for both body and soul, and I am not here to tell people what they should and shouldn’t eat,” explained Pam, a state registered dietician.

“What I am here for is to give people a bit of guidance on the type of food which could benefit their condition and little changes they could consider in their daily lives to make their meals more nutritious and tempting.

“I also show them how to make cooking healthy meals more manageable if they are not feeling well or are low in energy, including cooking and freezing meals when they are having a good day and giving tips on short cut meals like healthy soups and salads.

‘‘But if they feel like a fish supper, then, as I tell them, they can have a fish supper!”

Pam runs a monthly nutrition workshop at Maggie’s for people currently undergoing cancer treatment and their carers, and also has input into some of the other support groups, including the ‘Where Now’ sessions for people who have finished treatment, and the ‘Caring for Someone with Cancer’ course.

“I try to make the sessions as fun and interactive as possible, so it’s not just me talking at them,” explained Pam.

“There are usually six to eight people per session so they are not intimidating and people can ask questions which I will do my best to answer or will find out for them or pass them to someone who will be able to. We do things like quizzes and I take along food for them to try, which they always seem to enjoy.”

Courses on offer:

Nutrition sessions are held on the second Friday of each month. They have been part of the Maggie’s core programme since the centre opened.

The ‘Where Now’ course is a seven-week course for people who have finished treatment, helping them build emotional and physical stamina. They take place on Thursdays 3.30–6.30 p.m.

‘Supporting Someone with Cancer’ is a six-week course held on Monday mornings. Booking is essential for all courses.