Good news for the East Neuk community

Pittenweem waves
Pittenweem waves

Repairs to Pittenweem’s breakwater, which was damaged during severe storms, are to be carried out at the beginning of the new year.

A huge crack appeared in the 100m-long breakwater which protects the entrance to the historic harbour after storms battered the East Neuk in December 2012.

But Fife Council’s executive committee has now decided that money from the climate change capital budget should fund remedial work as soon as possible.

Money from the fund will also be used to carry out remedial repairs at Dura Den.

Investigations carried out earlier this year found that one section of the breakwater has dropped by around 0.3m.

Since the damage was discovered, the breakwater has been closed to use and is being monitored regularly. The repairs, which are essential to stabilise the structure and safeguard its performance, are estimated to cost approximately £1.5m.

Ground investigation works will start in early 2014, followed by repairs to the breakwater, which will take around nine months to complete.

The Scottish Government and Marine Scotland’s Fishing Harbours Assistance Scheme has awarded £50,000 to contribute towards technical investigations of the failed structure.

Councillor Pat Callaghan, executive spokesman for transportation and environment, said: “Addressing the impacts of climate change are a key priority for us; we need to take steps now to protect our communities for the future.

“Due to the increasing effects of storm damage, there are now a number of areas with severe infrastructure deterioration. Pittenweem Harbour is of major concern to us, but through the climate change budget we will be able to carry out works, which will ensure the life span of this structure.”