Goodbye to Viewforth High – Callum Reston

Callum Reston
Callum Reston

Callum Reston (17) has been head boy at Viewforth for the past year, an achievement he describes as “one of the best things” in his life so far.

The sport mad teenager says that the opportunities he has had at the school have been great and helped him on his future career path, to become a PE teacher.

“What Viewforth is really good at is finding the talents its pupils have and giving them the opportunities to make the most of them, which might not necessarily happen in a larger school,” he said.

“I have always been a sporty person.

‘‘Although we don’t have a big PE department I have had great chances to take part in sports coaching, join sports clubs or even start up clubs of our own, which I have really loved doing.

“In bigger schools they have bigger numbers to cope with.

‘‘Here I have been able to focus on what I love and what I hope to do in my future.

“I was very surprised to be made head boy.

‘‘But it has been one of the best years of my life and on Friday I just delivered my final speech, which was quite an emotional one.

“I am very jealous of the pupils who are going on to enjoy the new school.

‘‘But I am also proud to have been the head boy in the final year of the current Viewforth.

“It is and will continue to be a great school with great teachers who all do their best for the pupils.

‘‘I am hoping that during my studies to become a PE teacher I will get the chance to spend more time there.”