Gordon Brown welcomes moves on Dalgety Bay clean-up

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Kirkcaldy MP Gordon Brown has welcomed the first steps to a solution in the long-running fight over cleaning up contaminated radioactive material at Dalgety Bay.

A deal has been agreed between the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Ministry of Defence to start detailed field work with a view to removing contaminated materials from the foreshore.

It was also agreed to commission a series of special reports including: the quantification and extent of the current contamination both on the foreshore and within the coastline and the identification of potential future scenarios which could result in changes in the levels of radioactive contamination on the site.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency will now also have discussions with Public Health England to hear their views of the health impacts of pursuing different options.

Last week Mr Brown - who demanded the mneeting - complained that the Ministry were considering what he called a ‘do nothing option’ that would simply fence in the contamination or even just leave warning notices for residents.

He demanded an option that included engineering work to remove and contain the contamination was at the centre of further work.

Mr Brown said: “Finally there is some progress. The meeting I wanted has now taken place. I hope we can move quickly to get work started on the site. We need a decision by the Ministry of Defence to fund the options and set a timetable. This is what I am now pressing for.”