Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and First Dates’ Fred drop into Cupar cafe

Anna with the famous faces and Burcu Henderson and Ariane Beaver
Anna with the famous faces and Burcu Henderson and Ariane Beaver

Staff at a Cupar cafe were given a major shock when two TV chefs stepped through the door.

While in north east Fife filming a programme for ITV, Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix from Channel 4’s First Dates, dropped in at Milly’s Kitchen.

Twenty-two-year-old owner Anna Wardlaw said she “didn’t believe it” when the trio sat down to order.

“Gordon sat down at a table and we thought ‘what are we going to do’,” Anna said. “Then Gino and Fred came in. It was so bizarre.”

The trio ordered two BLT sandwiches and a chicken, avacado and mayo sandwich – but what would the reaction be from Chef Ramsay?

“We were all freaking out in the kitchen,” Anna continued. “Our customers were saying ‘you’re doing well, just keep it together’.

“We were quite busy as well – we were trying to keep all the customers happy.

“I was pretty nervous about serving them food but Gordon said it was delicious. It turned out well.”

Anna took on the lease for Millie’s Kitchen in March, having worked there since it opened last August.

“Jill Philip (the previous owner) was a really food mentor and taught me everything,” Anna said.

“I’ve also always been quite interested in food and I grew up on a farm. I’ve come from a field to plate background.

“It’s important that food is locally produced and organic.”

Despite its challenges, Anna said that she is “loving it” since taking over.

Anna dropped out of university half way through her course, and then spent a period living in Australia, where she developed some of her menu.

She admitted she took on a job at Millie’s Kitchen thinking “I’ll see what happens” –a few months later she was running the cafe.

“I’m a supporter of people doing what they think is right at the time and going with it and seeing what happens,” Anna said.

“Opportunities come around when you least expect it and that’s what happened with me.”