Great discount deal for students on the cards

The keycard will be back next term offering students discounts at businesses around St Andrews.
The keycard will be back next term offering students discounts at businesses around St Andrews.

Students at St Andrews university can look forward to the benefits of a special discount card again next term.

The Keycard initiative was launched last year by a group of enterprising second year management students and proved to be a big success.

The idea came about when the team noticed a gap in the market, with local students missing out on the National Union of Students (NUS) discount card as St Andrews is not affiliated to the union.

With many of the businesses in the town being small and independent, it wasn’t always easy for students to find out about the offers and discounts that were available.

Callum Stewart, managing director of Keycard, said: “It was a great project and we received top marks, but we realised the students really wanted this to go further so we’ve decided to build upon it over the summer.

“We now have over 20 businesses signed up, and we will be handing out 2000 free discount cards during Fresher’s week this September.

“Businesses sign up with an offer or discounts for the students that get posted on the website.

“It’s a win-win situation - the business gets extra customers and the students receive a great deal.”

More than 9000 students attend the University of S. Andrews, and they make up over one third of the residents in the town during term time.

The company website also serves as an interactive guide to the town for the new students when they arrive in September.

And with an app for mobile phones due to be launched to support the card soon, Callum has ambitious plans to expand the scheme further.

“Once every student in St Andrews has a card, we will look in to advancing our project elsewhere,” Andrew added.

The KeyCard scheme has used social media such as facebook and twitter to get their message out and make their presence felt on campus.

The website, which has had over 8000 hits since it launched in November last year, can be found at