Great “Kill-caldy” show from top comedians!

Chris Ramsey at the  Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy
Chris Ramsey at the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy

When your gig opens with a member of the audience spotting a spelling mistake in the programme, it can supply some good comedy fodder.

And such was the case at the brilliant show by Geordie comedian Chris Ramsey, at the well-filled Adam Smith Theatre on Monday night.

Comedian Chris Ramsey at  the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy

Comedian Chris Ramsey at the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy

Ramsey’s quick comeback that offending programme compilers knew more than they were letting on about “Kill”-caldy, and light-hearted banter with Michelle, the “quality-control” adviser who highlighted the mistake, set the tone for the relaxed and fun evening ahead.

Audience participation is a big part of the show and every cough, squeak and bark was commented on as he connected with his guests.

From the state of the High Street and the lack of open eating places after 5 p.m. to the town’s “back-to-front” Tesco, Ramsey got some good local banter going before launching into the bones of the show, which centred around him being dubbed “The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning Television” after being thrown off the Soccer AM television show.

After an explanation of the actual crime and the background leading up to it (which cannot be gone into in a family newspaper), the naturally loveable Geordie spent the rest of the show convincing the audience of his likeability and the fact that on no account could he ever live up to the title bestowed on him – with a plethora of hilarious anecdotes to back his story up.

His set was “supported” by his friend and fellow rising star Geordie comedian, Carl Hutchinson, who was one of the best support acts I’ve seen.

His underpants and restaurant mishaps tales had the audience in stitches and left everyone nicely warmed up and in good humour for the main act.