Green light for skate park

Iona Potter (fourth from left) is holding a meeting over the skate park. Pic: Peter Adamson
Iona Potter (fourth from left) is holding a meeting over the skate park. Pic: Peter Adamson

St Andrews will get a new skate park, Fife Council has agreed, allaying the concerns of local residents after the old park was removed.

However, local campaigner Iona Potter has gone ahead with a public meeting about the Pipeland Park facility because she believes there will still need to be local fundraising.

“I am over the moon that Fife Council is to provide funding for a new skatepark,” she told the Citizen, but warned: “I think we will still have to do some fundraising for it as the council funding may not be enough.

“I am sure there will have to be changes to the plans that were drawn up a few years ago to take account of local residents’ views.”

She pledged: “We will get this skate park even if I have to raise every penny myself because there is nothing here for children to do.”

She was grateful to local councillor Brian Thomson for his support for a new facility.

After the funding was agreed, Cllr Thomson said that the skatepark had been one of the projects he had been pushing for.

“The commitment to develop a new skatepark at Pipeland Park will, I’m sure, be welcomed by many local children and young people, as well as the community group that’s been set up to campaign for such as facility,” he added.

The skate ramps at Pipeland Park were removed by Fife Council removed some weeks ago, amid claims that the equipment was “old and unsafe”.

That left some St Andreans concerned that there was not enough for children to do in the town.

The council confirmed the development plan includes a replacement skatepark, a play area, paths and landscaping.

Alan Bisset, parks development officer, said: “Fife Council has approved a funding commitment from the Capital Investment Plan 2017-2020 for a new facility.

“The community will be consulted on the proposals and we’re currently in the process of establishing a Park Development Group to work alongside us.”