Green residents see red over extra bin service

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A woman was told she risked being reported to Fife council’s anti-social behaviour team – because her bin was creating an obstruction.

Other Levenmouth residents, who say they support recycling, fear the number of bins under Fife Council’s new four-bin system is creating problems with congestion and storage space, particularly near flats.

There are also claims of bins not being emptied, surplus bins not being uplifted, and some householders largely ignoring them.

Lynn Bell, of Windygates, returned last week from holiday to find a card from the council’s environmental services saying her bin – put out in good faith by someone else while she was away – was causing an obstruction.

If this persisted, she would be reported to the anti-social behaviour team.

Mrs Bell, a supporter of recycling, said the bin had, in fact, been emptied, so it seemed council workers were responsible for leaving it wrongly placed.

She described the threat as “stupid”, “ludicrous” and a “waste of money”.

A Fife Council spokemsan confirmed Mrs Bell would be receiving a written apology over the note.

Environmental strategy officer Stephanie Newstead later told the Mail: “The new service can take some time to get used to in some areas and we ask that residents in these areas bear with us for a few weeks while this happens.

“We will be going round Levenmouth over the next few weeks and recording where bins have not been taken in and used.

“We’ll work with householders to encourage them to take the bins in, and use them, but where this isn’t possible, or where surplus bins have been delivered we will be getting them picked up.

“We don’t collect bins left out immediately to allow householders who have been away or have not understood the service straight away to opportunity to claim one.

“We have tried to give as many householders as possible the opportunity to be on the four-bin service, but appreciate there are some areas where we might have to amend things slightly to get the service working – put in communal bins, get residents sharing bins, etc.

“Also, during the roll-out of the new service, thousands of bins are being delivered and collected and occasionally mistakes occur. We’ll be working with residents to resolve any problems and apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.”