Grieving mum upset by firm’s string of errors

Rebecca Black (picture by George McLuskie)
Rebecca Black (picture by George McLuskie)

Scottish Gas has been forced to apologise again to a young mum-of-two after another heartbreaking blunder over bills.

In April, the Mail reported how Rebecca Black had been receiving correspondence from the utility firm addressed to her dead partner, along with a four-figure bill for an outbuilding property – classed as a lock-up garage – near her Colinsburgh home but which she did not own.

Rebecca’s partner, James Montgomery, had died of lung cancer in December 2013, aged just 42.

The firm said it had updated its records and closed the account – but recently, on what would have been James’ birthday, Rebecca received a bill for nearly £2700.

She told the Mail she contacted the company but her efforts to speak to a senior supervisor were in vain.

“I can’t go on like this,” she added. “It doesn’t matter what I say or what I do – they just think it’s one big joke.”

Scottish Gas admitted it had made a previous error over not updating its electricity account quickly enough after being informed of Mr Montgomery’s passing, and that it had failed to act after the lock-up supply was mistakenly registered to him in 2013.

Leigh Franks of Scottish Gas said: “I’m sorry we didn’t close the account when Ms Black first contacted us in April. We’ve now done this and we are contacting Ms Black to apologise for any distress we’ve caused at this difficult time.”