Group hits out at Council over speed

Campaigners on the road to Lundin Links
Campaigners on the road to Lundin Links

Speed campaigners in Lundin Links have reacted with anger at figures which reveal that as many as 4000 drivers are breaking the speed limit in the village every day.

The figures - released under a Freedom of Information request - also showed that more than 1,000 vehicles were recorded as driving at 36 mph and above.

The ‘Time for Twenty’ group - which wants to see the speed limit on Largo Road permenantly reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph - say the figures undermine Fife Council’s claim that the average speed in the village is just 25 mph and that there is “no justification” for a 20 mph speed limit.

Speed data from five sites across the village taken between May 2013 and April 2014 recorded around half of vehicles breaking the speed limit.

Campaigners are angry that, despite four of the five surveys showing average speeds above 30 mph, the Council continues to claim the average is 25mph.

The group claim that because the single survey relied upon by the Council for speed data in the village was taken close to a busy junction, there would be a lower than average speed as vehicles are forced to slow down for turning traffic.

As well as showing that 47 per cent of motorists were apparently speeding, figures also show the extent of traffic volumes with as many as 12,000 vehicles, including around 400 lorries and HGVs using the road daily.

The campaign has already received overwhelming local support with more than 300 local people signing the Time for Twenty petition. Campaigners believe that these new speeding figures demonstrate that urgent action is needed.

David Paterson, local resident and father of two young children said: “The Council has said publicly that there is not a speeding issue in Lundin Links; that the average speed is just 25 mph, and that there is ‘no justification’ for a 20 mph limit.

“The hundreds of local residents who signed the petition always knew this was nonsense and now the Council’s own figures prove that it is. The 25 mph claim is highly misleading. It is shocking that the Council has attempted to pull the wool over people’s eyes in an attempt to wriggle out of taking effective action.

“Our campaign will continue until the Council takes the issue of road safety in Lundin Links seriously.”