Groups launch public art project

Stewart Christie - Fife Council, Linda Judge - Buckhaven Beehive, 'Bob Taylor, CLEAR & Cllr Jim Young. Buckhaven Beehive and CLEAR working together on new piece of public art work.
Stewart Christie - Fife Council, Linda Judge - Buckhaven Beehive, 'Bob Taylor, CLEAR & Cllr Jim Young. Buckhaven Beehive and CLEAR working together on new piece of public art work.

Two local organisations are hoping to work with the community to create a piece of public art that the whole areacan be proud of and relate to.

The Buckhaven Beehive has teamed up with CLEAR Buckhaven for the project - which is still in the early stages - which is planned for the Starkies Wood area, over the road from the new Levenmouth High School.

Thanks to funding worth £10,000 from Creative Scotland, the two groups will hire an arts development worker who will work in consultation with the public to develop ideas for the piece of art.

The project, entitled ‘Visioning 2020’, looks to give local people the opportunity to take ownership and to express creatively their vision of and for the area that they live in.

Blair Denwette from the Beehive explained: “We want to work with the community to create their vision. In the past, when a piece of public art is commissioned, an artist would come in and create something that they thought represented that community.

“We want to create something that can take the rich history in Levenmouth to a point where people can see into the future.

“We had the fishing communities, we had mining, but there’s little to identify us in the modern day.

“We are known as an area with high depravation, and we can recognise there’s a problem. But we can do something for the future and take ownership of our area.”

Currently, the groups are on the hunt for a ‘creative thinker/artist’ who can take forward the research and development phase.

Blair said they would be holding a number of public consultation events over a four month period in order to come to a conclusion, or shared vision, of what the artwork should say about Levenmouth and its people.

“Rather than expecting people to come to us or write to us, we’re going to hold lots of events to engage with the local community,” said Blair.

“From all of that, we hope to have an idea in around spring time that we can use for a larger funding application. But the process is almost more important than the outcome - it’s about making the right decision for the community.”

The final creation could end up as one large piece, “upteen different pieces” or even something such as a living sculpture or earth sculpture, that the children from the school can really get involved with and could become part of the curriculum at the new school.

The closing date for artists who would like to get involved with this project is September 30. Please submit a CV, a letter explaining why you would like to get involved and examples of your work to

For more information and to download a form, go to

In 2013, CLEAR received funding from Fife Environment Trust for regeneration of Starkies Wood including planting, landscaping, creation of wildlife and biodiversity features. Unfortunately, a small legal delay means the public access agreement has not yet been reached, and the funding has now come to an end. But chairman Bob Taylor said this new project has the full support and involvement of CLEAR, which will hopefully lead to an ‘iconic’ installation. “This is seen as a quite separate but complementary arts project which would help transform this key location for the benefit of all local residents.”