Growing your own is kid’s stuff

GREEN-fingered youngsters have been learning how to grow their own plants and make their own pizzas as part of an ongoing scheme by Greener Kirkcaldy.

The children and their parents attended one of the charity’s workshops at Dysart Community Hall on Thursday.

Kiids getting some of the compost for sowing their seeds.

Kiids getting some of the compost for sowing their seeds.

As part of the session they not only got the chance to grow their own plants in pots, but they also had the opportunity to make their own pizzas and try homemade carrot and corriander soup and potato salad.

Lisa Farrell, senior development worker with Greener Kirkcaldy - which helps people to be more environmentally friendly -, said the sessions are about showing the children how easy it is to make their own food rather than always buying from supermarkets.

She said: “We were showing them the basic techniques of how to make their own food from scratch like pizzas and getting them interested and excited about it. If we can get the kids interested in growing plants and cooking, it then gets the parents interested as well.”

Jackie Vural, chairman of Greener Kirkcaldy, said: “It’s showing them how they can make their own food on their doorstep and that it’s not difficult to do. The chidlren enjoyed picking their own seeds to grow including herbs, lettuce, radishes, rocket and cress. They are being given the chance to try something different.”

Scott Clelland, Fife Council’s area parks team leader, went along to the session with his son Callum (5). He told The Press he has been involved with the Growing Kirkcaldy group: “We have been working with Greener Kirkcaldy on different projects and I wanted to lend my support to this,” he said.

“It’s great the kids are getting the opportunity to learn about environmental issues and are being educated about growing their own plants. They will be the budding culturalists of the future! It is small steps and it’s good to get them to learn about the environment at a young age. The work Greener Kirkcaldy and other groups in Kirkcaldy is doing is very important and it helps to capture the childrens’ imaginations.”

Another parent Heather Sandeman said: “The children really enjoyed it. It’s not just about food it’s also about them learning about gardening, planting and just getting their hands dirty. I think it is important for the kids to be outside.” She added: “It’s great for groups like Greener Kirkcaldy to work with children and making them aware of the environment and healthy eating.”