‘Grudge’ theory over missing Glenrothes man

Inspector Derek Paxton with Alan Bryant Senior
Inspector Derek Paxton with Alan Bryant Senior

The father of a missing Glenrothes man believes that a “grudge” against his son could be the reason for his disappearance.

That is the thought of Allan Bryant Snr, whose 24-year-old son - Allan Bryant - has not been seen since he left Styx nightclub in the town in the early hours of November 3.

Mr Bryant Snr told the Gazette: “I still believe there are two sets of of people involved in this ,even although we feel the police won’t accept what we are saying.

“These people, I believe, had a grudge against him.”

The claim came during an emotional meeting at the Bryant family home with inspector Derek Paxton on Monday.

Inspector Paxton is handling the community aspect of the missing persons enquiry while detective inspector Stevie Hamilton leads the investigation.

The case was handed back to Glenrothes officers from the Police Scotland team last week.

Inspector Paxton said the investigation into Allan’s disappearance had not thrown up any suggestion of foul play.

He confirmed that a number of new areas have been earmarked as local officers continue to follow possible leads the enquiry throws 

Police also plan to target the large number of people who visit the Links Market in Kirkcaldy in the coming weeks with posters and leaflets depicting Allan’s details.

The family have become increasingly frustrated at what they see as the lack of any progress by the initial investigation and are considering lodging a formal complaint.

Mr Bryant Snr is also calling for a direct number, rather than the general 101 contact to be set up to speed up the process of handling potential leads.

“I’m convinced that via the 101 number things are getting lost.

‘‘People need to be able to get straight through to whoever is dealing with the search for Allan,” he said.

He is however more reassured that local knowledge will be put to better use now that the national investigation has been completed.

“Local knowledge and officers who actually know Glenrothes has got to be better,” he said.

A team of police divers are expected to revisit parts of the town park as the investigation continues to search for any clue as to Allan’s whereabouts.