Guesthouse owner rubbishes litter spills

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A GUESThOUSE owner has criticised the condition of a popular St Andrews street and claims the council aren’t doing enough to keep it clean and tidy.

Yvonne Moffat runs a guesthouse in Murray Park and is becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of litter and refuse that spills onto the street on Wednesday mornings, when the bins are collected.

She claims that any bins put out on the street have to be covered otherwise seagulls can access them, spreading the contents across the length of the road.

Murray Park is home to many guest houses and is popular destination for tourists visiting the town.

But Ms Moffat says the situation is getting so bad she is feels embarrased when guests point out the mess.

She told the Citizen: “We are trying to promote the town as a holiday destination but this street is a disgrace on Wednesday mornings, it’s an absolute tip.

“You have to put the bins out just before they are due to be collected and they have to be covered to stop the seagulls getting at them.

“Some Wednesday mornings there is food, packaging and cartons strewn all the way down the street.

‘‘I have reported it to Fife Council and they do send a team round to clean it up around 9.30am but, before that, the street can be a complete mess.

“I’ve had guests come out early in the morning and see it and it really embarasses me. People spend a lot of money to come here from all over the world and we can’t even get the refuse collected.

”I don’t think the council are being proactive enough, they are missing a trick here. It must cost a lot more to get the mess cleared up than it would to make sure the bins are properly secured and not put out too early.”

Elaine Devine, environment team leader at Fife Council, said:”We encourage people to have their waste presented for collection by 7am on the day of collection.

‘‘Anyone who presents their bags of waste well in advance of this could find themselves liable to a fixed penalty notice for littering.”