Guide will help those facing a festive struggle

Surviving Xmas booklet
Surviving Xmas booklet

THE Christmas and New Year festivities are a happy time for many - but for people with drug, alcohol and mental health issues, this can be a particularly tough time of year.

Fife’s Adult Protection Committee and Alcohol and Drug Partnership are distributing a handy guide to help our most vulnerable people get through the festive period if they are experiencing difficulties.

‘Surviving Christmas and New Year – staying safe and keeping well’ provides useful and inexpensive ideas to help people find the right kind of support for themselves, including: how to stay drug free, alcohol free and well; nice things to do on your own, or with family and friends; suggestions to help you eat well and feel good and money advice

The booklet is available through a variety of outlets including the Cameron Hospital and street pastors.

You can also download it at

The adult protection phone line is available by calling 01383 602200.