Gym’s Christmas gift to brave little Amelia

Amelia (centre) with dad Kris and mum Jenni and members of Templehall Gym
Amelia (centre) with dad Kris and mum Jenni and members of Templehall Gym

A generous Kirkcaldy gym has delivered a very special Christmas gift to the daughter of one of its members.

Templehall Gym, which has its premises in Templehall Community Centre, presented a cash donation to little Amelia Newlands (2), to enable her family to buy a special hi-tech travel cot.

The costly specialist piece of equipment will not only give them more freedom to go on trips or spend more time at her grandparents’ homes, but will also allow them to travel to a special conference in America to learn more about her rare condition.

Amelia was born with kidney problems and at just 18 months old she was diagnosed with the rare Phelan McDermid Syndrome.

The condition, which is similar to autism, is caused by a missing chromosome and means that she can’t walk or talk, can’t feed or dress herself and requires round-the-clock care from her dedicated parents Jenni and Kris, and brother Josh (9).

Despite her difficulties, Amelia, of Sidlaw Street, is a happy little girl who loves watching the Disney animation ‘Finding Nemo’ and has her bedroom decorated in a Nemo theme. She attends the Forth Child Development Centre in Glenrothes.

Jenni (31), and Kris (32), are determined their precious daughter will achieve her full potential in life, and have been researching the condition to see what they can do.

They are also keen to attend a special conference on Amelia’s condition in America in the new year to learn more about the latest developments.

Kris has already done a bungee jump to help raise funds for the equipment, while other members of the family have also been fundraising.

When Ian Dryburgh, chairman of the Templehall Gym, heard of Amelia’s condition and the family’s fundraising efforts through Kris’ friend Keith Hunter who he goes to the gym with, he and fellow members thought it would be good if they could help out.

Ian said: “We have been going for a long time in Templehall and we do what we can to help local charities, so when we heard about Kris doing the bungee jump and why he was doing it, we thought we would like to help.

“It is good to be able to help one of our members and Kris has been coming here for a few years now.”

The gym handed over a cheque for £2700 to Kris and Jenni who brought Amelia for a visit last week.

Jenni said: “This is absolutely fantastic and we can’t thank the gym enough for this gift which will really help us.

“Amelia can’t sleep in a normal bed because she could easily fall out and hurt herself, and this cot is all padded and enclosed, so she can sleep in it safely and will be able to spend nights away from home which will give us all a bit more freedom.”