Hair today, gone tomorrow for Auchtermuchty girl!

Annemarie Conterio (14)
Annemarie Conterio (14)

AN AUCHTERMUCHTY teenager is set for a hair-raising experience next week when she goes to extreme lengths for a cancer charity!

Fourteen-year-old Annemarie Conterio will be donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust, which supplies wigs for children with cancer or leukaemia.

Annemarie, who is going into S4 at Bell Baxter High School after the holidays, wanted to do something for a cancer charity after dad Karl (40) was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

As well as donating two feet of her precious locks, she’s also raised over £350 for the trust through local sponsorship and is hoping to bring in even more before the big day.

Annemarie said: “I wanted to get my hair cut and also do something for a cancer charity because of dad.

“My dad and the nurses at his hospice did some research and found out about the Little Princess Trust.

“My hair goes down below the bottom of my back so I’m really nervous.”

The moment of truth will come next Thursday, August 11, at Shelley’s Hairdressing in Auchtermuchty.

Dad Karl, who makes regular visits to the Victoria Hospice in Kirkcaldy, described himself as “very proud” of his daughter.

He said: “I told the hospice that Annemarie wanted to do something and they did the initial research for me.

“Other charities came up, but Annemarie kept coming back to the Little Princess Trust.

“I think she felt a connection with it because it’s for children and ties in perfectly with her age group.”

He went on: “I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2000 but we didn’t tell Annemarie until she was 10.

“She’s over the moon to be able to do something to help a cancer charity and I’m very proud of her — she deserves a lot of credit.

“She’s had a huge amount of support from the community so far, especially from one lady in Dunshalt, and the reaction has been brilliant.”

Anyone who would like to sponsor Annemarie’s close shave can get in touch with Karl on 01337 828566 or at

A number of sponsorship forms have also been placed in businesses in the Auchtermuchty area.