‘Hanging Gardens’ are cut from town skyline

KIRKCALDY;'Overgrown budlia on high street'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'Overgrown budlia on high street'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

THE High Street’s infamous hanging gardens are about to be removed.

Kirkcaldy4All is set to send in contractors to chop down the trees and vegetation growing from the walls and rooftops of a number of town centre buildings.

The BID company has decided to take the initiative to tackle the neglect - and save some landlords from possible repair bills as their buildings are left to deterioriate.

Contractors will remove all the greenery growing in gutters and rooftops next month and Kirkcakldy4All will pick up the tab in this once-only project.

Setting standards

It hopes landlords will then make their sure buildings don’t become eyesores again.

The work starts on October 3 end will take around five weeks.

Bill Harvey, BID project co-ordinator said: ‘‘We are trying to set a standard for the High Street - we want to improve the area and for people to take a pride in their town centre

‘‘The feedback so far has been very positive.’’

Local roofer and builder, Bill McIntosh, has been given the contract to clean up the buildings, and as well as removing bushes and trees growing out of gutters, and removing debris which is visible to the eye, he’ll also take pictures of any other damage he sees - and alert landlords.


‘‘If the contractor sees anything of concern then he will give the tenant or landlord a report and they can pick it up from there,’’ added Mr Harvey. ‘‘We will also show them before and after pictures of the areas we’ve tidied up so they can see the difference.

‘‘We are also mindful that there are many residential parts of the town centre so where we need to bring in cherry-pickers we will do it at times which won’t cause upset.

‘‘The last thing we want to do is start crashing and banging on a Sunday morning. ‘‘