Hard work ongoing at referendum count...

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It’s close to midnight and counting is continuing at the Michael Woods Sports Centre in Glenrothes.

On the floor are the checkers from the Yes and No camps, all analysing and scrutinising to see how the dice fell in different wards across Fife.

As yet, their calculations remain scribbles on pieces of paper - snapshots of the day and night, but not yet the complete picture. The small pieces of paper, with basic markings on them are still being collected and taken to the corners of the hall where the campaign number crunchers read them like tea leaves in a China cup.

There is some talk of a swing away from Yes to No. But it’s just talk. One observer is studying body language in the hunts for clues as to where the vote may be going. At first it was the Yes camp which was all smiles, and the No camp staring at their shoes... but, two hours later has that positioned started to shift?

Right now, the checkers are simply staring intently as every box is opened and the paper votes poured out on to the green covered tables.

It’s all guess work as we scan the rows of 36 tables across the hall. The real story remains hidden behind the black and yellow barrier tape, and will remain there for another four hours,

All we know for sure is the turnout is huge.

In Glenrothes there is talk of some 92 per cent participation in areas which previously struggled to get one third of that total off the sofa to cast their votes.

In Kirkcaldy, polling station staff were said to have been rushed off their feet - constantly, from the moment the doors opened until they closed at 10.00 p.m.

In the media room we are tuned to BBC which is saying Fife could be the barometer for the whole of the country.

The outcome remains impossible to call as midnight beckons.