Harry says farewell to parks and gardens

A Kirkcaldy man who has attended the town’s parks and gardens for almost five decades is finally putting away his work tools for good.

Harry McCallum who lives in Gallatown, is retiring 46 years after he began working for what was then Kirkcaldy Town Council in 1969.

“He said: “I started when I was 17 when it was the Parks Department.

“It’s been really good but in the last three years there’s been a lot of cuts made and the job gets a wee bit harder but to be fair I think it’s like that everywhere.

“I first started at Ravenscraig nursery and was at Ravenscraig Park for a long time, then when the guy who looked after the war memorial in Kirkcaldy retired I was moved there and also looked after the centre of the town.

“We had quite a successful time when I was there. We won ‘Britain In Bloom’ and we did really well. Then I was moved along to Beveridge Park after that.

“I’ve now been in Burntisland for this last year and the team have fitted in quite well. We’ve tried to ‘up it’ around here but it is a lot of work.”

Harry (62), said he will miss the job but is looking forward to his retirement.

”My brother’s been retired just short of two years and he said if you have something to do you don’t need to do it all at once. When you’re working you have to squeeze things in between work but now you can do a bit then do some more the next day.”

As a keen fisherman Harry said he’s looking forward to spending more time on the water as well as tending to his garden.

He has holidays booked for Blackpool and Portugal, but added: “Apart from that I’ll just stay in and annoy the wife!”