Have a coffee, a chat and explore faith in Buckhaven

Free Gardners Hall in Buckhaven - the new church will meet here
Free Gardners Hall in Buckhaven - the new church will meet here

An informal new approach to Christianity is being offered to parishioners in Buckhaven in 2015, with the creation of a new church.

Buckhaven Community Church is set to launch next month with a special meeting in the Free Gardners Hall, heralding a seven-week course.

The project will be independent initially from other local churches but intended to complement the work done by others to spread the word of Jesus and the Gospel.

Leading the venture is the town’s former Baptist minister, the Rev Peter Carr, who felt the time was right to begin a new expression of church in the area.

The Buckhaven Community Church will meet initially on Sunday, January 25 at 4.00 p.m.

It will be café-style church, with informal surroundings.

People can sign up then for a seven-week ‘Christianity Explored’ course, which will be free to attend.

“The established churches do a very good work locally,” said Mr Carr.

“However, there is always scope for something new and different, which is ‘as well as’, not ‘instead of’.

The course is designed for those interested in looking at Christianity in an informal, relaxed setting which invites participation.

It could also act as a refresher in basic Biblical truth for existing Christians, without taking them away from their own church meetings.

“Buckhaven is a great town with a wonderful heritage,” added Mr Carr. “Included in that heritage is a rich Christian legacy.

“However, much of the heritage and history of Buckhaven is consigned to the past and will never come back.

“Christianity, by comparison, has a past, a present and a future because of Jesus Christ the Saviour to all who call on him, trusting him alone for time and eternity.”