Have faith in community’s new church

Free Gardners Hall in Buckhaven
Free Gardners Hall in Buckhaven

People in Levenmouth are being invited to take an informal journey exploring their own views of Christianity with the formation of a new church.

The Buckhaven Community Church opens its doors at the Free Gardners Hall on January 25.

The setting is intended to be relaxed, with tea and coffee, and to support the existing work done by local churches.

However, the man at the helm, the Rev Peter Carr, believes a life of faith is an important journey and hopes people will want to participate in discussions about what their beliefs mean to them.

Mr Carr, the former Baptist Church minister in Buckhaven, said the journey began for him in February 1998 in a Glasgow bedsit, after his first marriage had broken down and he was suffering from an escalating drink problem.

“Progressively that year, my thoughts had turned to God, even although I wasn’t religious and didn’t attend a church,” he said .

“My life had really hit the skids and, having heard about Jesus many times since childhood, I realised it could only continue in a meaningful way with Him.

“I had known since early Sunday school days that God was real, but it had never suited me to accept the reality of my true condition before Him until I had no other choice.

“When you have everything else stripped away, it has a sobering impact,” added Mr Carr.

“The next morning I went out and bought a Bible, as I needed to read about Jesus.

“Since that day, almost 17 years ago, I have had no regrets about becoming a Christian.

“Now, like others, my life is devoted to telling people what I now know to be true.

“God is real, His love and offer of reconciliation are real, but only on His terms. What are His terms?”

Sessions begin at the Free Gardners Hall with a meeting at 4.00 p.m. on Sunday, January 25, which will introduce the new seven-week ‘Christianity Explored’ course.

The church also has its own website, which you can visit at http://buckhavencommunitychurch.uk

Mr Carr said he believed the time was right to start a new expression of church locally – but it was very much intended ‘as well as’ the work of the area’s existing churches, and not ‘instead of’.