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Missing c at.
Missing c at.
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St Andrews youngster, Kaitlyn Lumsden, has been left broken-hearted following the disappearance of her beloved pet cat.

Now, her parents, Drew and Susanne Lumsden have appealed for help from Citizen readers to trace five-year-old Fluffy, who has been missing for around six weeks from the family home in Irvine Crescent.

The female pet is a beautiful little grey striped half Persian, with some brown on her legs and tail and has been with the family since a kitten.

However, she vanished from outside the family home on April 23 following a fight with another cat, leaving three-year-old Kaitlyn distraught, as her mum has explained.

She added yesterday: ”Our daughter keeps asking where Fluffy has gone and when she is coming home? She has been seen once in Kinnessburn Road and looked healthy, which convinces me that someone has taken in her in and is feeding her.

“However, she gets badly matted because of the length of her coat and requires to be brushed on a regular basis to avoid grooming trips to the vet. She is very friendly and we would all love to have her back home where she belongs.”

The family has distributed missing posters in parts of the town in the hope that someone may have information which could lead to her being found.

“We would appeal to anyone who can help to trace Fluffy to contact us as it would make one little girl - and her patents - very happy,” added Susanne.

The family can be contacted on 01334 478987.