Headteacher sad to leave Glenrothes High

Glenrothes High headteacher Ruth MacFarlane
Glenrothes High headteacher Ruth MacFarlane

The headteacher at Glenrothes High School is leaving her job to take up the top post at Queen Anne High School in Dunfermline.

Ruth McFarlane told the Gazette she will be moving on with a heavy heart having enjoyed her three year spell at Glenrothes.

But the opportunity to move to a bigger school proved too tempting to turn down and she says her successor at Glenrothes High will be working with excellent staff and pupils.

“Glenrothes High is an excellent school with a very strong team of teaching staff and the pupils are first class in my opinion,” she explained.

“Over the past few years we have implemented the Curriculum For Excellence and that has involved a real collective effort from everyone.

“Glenrothes High School belongs to the pupils and they have worked very hard to drive the new curriculum forward and we have achieved a lot.

“Whoever comes in here is coming to a fantastic job in a very positive environment that I am very sad to leave behind.”

When the headteacher job came up at Queen Anne’s, Ms McFarlane said the opportunity was too good to pass up.

The Dunfermline school is housed in a new building and has been recognised for its achievements recently.

Outgoing Rector James Bellshaw’s leadership of Queen Anne was described as “outstanding” by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education after a visit to the school last January.

And it was rated among the best in the country after gaining excellent and very good evaluations in the five areas of inspection.

“It was a difficult decision to make because this Glenrothes High is an excellent school,” Ms McFarlane explained.

“I will be very, very sad to leave.

“But it is very rare that an opportunity like this comes up in a big school in Fife, the previous rector at Queen Anne took early retirement.

“It was not my plan to leave. I would have been happy to stay here at Glenrothes High for the rest of my career but when opportunities like this come along you have to grab them.

“Before I leave I will be saying a huge thank you to all the pupils at the school and the excellent staff, the whole team - we have the best janitor in the world here!

“The whole school community has all come together here and that is exactly what you need to make a great school.”