Anti ‘privatisation’ group vow to fight on

Ian Sloan outside Alan McLure House in Glenrothes
Ian Sloan outside Alan McLure House in Glenrothes
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CAMPAIGNERS opposed to council plans to turn care homes over to private providers have pledged to continue their struggle, reports MIKE DELANEY.

The ‘Save Our Care Homes’ group - which includes townsfolk with relatives in the two Glenrothes homes, Alan McLure House and South Parks House - met at the latter last Wednesday.

There was a large turnout, including several new members, according to spokesman Ian Sloan.

He said that the group had written to the Scottish Government, but received only ‘standard’ responses, but it had been observed that councils were not losing any income because of the council tax freeze, as it was being fully funded.

He added: “Those present found it difficult to understand why the current administration of Fife Council are using a reduction in income as a reason for closing down services to our frail, elderly and vulnerable relatives.”

There was also scepticism about an ‘advisory group’ which was being set-up as part of the process when the council had ignored the overwhelming view expressed in the previous public consultation on the issue.

Mr Sloan commented: “It was felt that the group was yet another token gesture by the council.”

The meeting also agreed to further investigate a suggestion by Jim Parker, Scottish Pensioners Party candidate for Glenrothes at the last elections, that a workers’ co-operative should take over the care homes.

“He has already prepared a business plan which has received favourable responses from funders and from care staff and now has asked the senior politicians of all parties to give serious consideration to this alternative to profit making care Home providers,” added Mr Sloan.

The group will meet again in November.