Cameras roll in Leven for ‘See Me’ campaign

Gina Kerr as 'Joan'
Gina Kerr as 'Joan'

FILM makers behind ‘East Fife Crusoe’ and current work ‘The Legend of Black Diamond’ were back in Leven last week to shoot scenes for their latest on-screen venture.

Web broadcast television organisation Channel Fife TV is making a series of short films for the See Me mental health charity, which it’s hoped might help remove the stigma of mental illness and associated health difficulties.

One of the stories, entitled ‘Trapped’, is set in Leven in the 1960s and deals with a woman reflecting on her life after suffering from severe agoraphobia.

Each film – part of a clutch of five called ‘Harbour Steps’ – was created through workshops in which people with mental health issues spoke about their personal experiences.

Channel Fife and See Me bosses hope all the films will premiere at The Regent Community Cinema in Leven this summer, while there may be plans for a screening at the Scottish Parliament.

‘Trapped’ was filmed along Leven’s seafront and at The Regent, and tells of Carol, an older woman living in a flat, thinking back over a 30-year struggle with agoraphobia in her younger days.

She remembers a young man she fell in love with in the ‘60s, named Paul, and then reads that the local cinema has re-opened - with Paul as its manager.

The narrated 10-minute story features Hungarian-born Anna Zsubori as Carol, with Laura Binnie as her friend Sandy and D. T. (Derek) Wilson as Paul.

Leven actress Gina Kerr stars in one of the other films, ‘Lost’, in which she plays Joan, a mother trying to come to terms with her son’s battle against schizophrenia.

Gina, a board member at The Regent, has performed in a number of theatre and film productions in Fife over the years, including the 1999 film ‘Waiting for Gordon’. It told the story of a number of people waiting to see then-Chancellor Gordon Brown MP, and their different reactions to him.

The Channel Fife crew will be back in Leven soon for work on another of the shorts, as yet untitled, and to film more scenes for ‘The Legend of Black Diamond’, a 10-part steam-punk fantasy tale currently in production.