Lindsay Roy MP
Lindsay Roy MP

Local MP Lindsay Roy has called for clarification on who owns some of the privately run Southern Cross care homes in Glenrothes and central Fife following the company’s financial collapse.

Enquiries have revealed that two of the five homes are owned by offshore companies, but determined efforts have failed to establish the owners of the remaining three.

Mr Roy said: ‘’It is quite alarming that no-one has been able to identify the owners of three of these homes and I think people have a right to know who they are. I am concerned that owners are interested in profit before dividends to people – any gains should be for the people in care and not for the companies and their shareholders.

‘’Perhaps it is now time for Fife Council to put a moratorium on further actions to local authority homes until the ‘privatised’ issues are dealt with.’’

n southern Cross: page 8/9 report.