Changing Fife demographic will bring challenges

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Members of Fife Council’s scrutiny committee have heard that while changing demographics is one of the biggest challenges facing Fife, it also presents significant opportunities.

Fife’s population in 2014 was estimated to be 367,250 and by 2039 it’s expected to increase to 386,963. There is also a projected increase of 27 per cent in people of pensionable age and a 91 per cent increase in the 75 years plus age group.

Cllr Brett said: “Traditionally older people are seen as a ‘burden’, that they don’t add anything to society. This is wrong, older people contribute in many, positive ways.

“It’s reassuring to hear that most people recognise that the changing demographics have implications for all of us and isn’t the sole responsibility of the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).

“There are many excellent examples, including preventative approaches, of individual organisations and partnership working across Fife which have a positive impact on older people and encourage their active contribution.

“The scrutiny committee will continue to monitor progress in relation to this, and any action taken by services across the council.”