Concern aired over Cameron’s future

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ONLY a few months after celebrating its centenary, the future of Windygates’ Cameron Hospital has been thrown into question.

Councillor Andrew Rodger told the Mail he fears the facility has already been earmarked for the chop after a paper, presented at a recent community health partnership meeting, suggested a reduction in the amount of hospital beds across central and northern east Fife from 225 to 50.

His doubts were hardly quashed by the general manager of Kirkcaldy and Levenmouth’s CHP, George Cunningham, who told the Mail that NHS Fife and Fife Council have developed plans to “avoid hospital admission”.

Cllr Rodger said: “To go from 225 beds down to 50 across Glenrothes hospital, Cameron and Randolph Wemyss is a big surge – they can’t keep all of them open.

“What I’m saying loud and clear is that they’re not going to keep the hospital open; they’ll drop Cameron out.”

Cllr Rodger says he expects residents to either be transferred or put into the community, with a decision likely to be made in the spring of 2012.

Mr Cunningham told the Mail: “People want to receive services in their own homes and in their local communities which keep them well and offer a good quality of life without the need for hospital admission.

“NHS Fife and Fife Council have developed plans to enhance support in the community to help people stay at home and avoid hospital admission.

“This person-centred approach offers an alternative to hospital admission by maximising older people’s independence.

“Similar models have proved popular and successful elsewhere and, therefore, we are considering the potential impact we expect on our hospitals, particularly those with longer stay beds for the elderly, and the options that will arise from reducing demand for bed based care.”