Councillor demands review after Fife resident’s 50 mile round-trip for dental treatment

Councillor Tim Brett has demanded a review
Councillor Tim Brett has demanded a review

A senior Liberal Democrat councillor has demanded an urgent review of emergency dental care, after a resident was forced to make a round trip of 50 miles to access services.

Cllr Tim Brett said, “At the end of September I was contacted by a Tayport resident, asking why they had to attend a centre in Glenrothes for out of hours emergency dental treatment. Upon investigation I was advised emergency treatment for Fife is indeed based in Glenrothes and unfortunately patients in north east Fife who could more easily access services in Dundee are not permitted to do so.”

As well as being “frustrating and annoying” the situation was “also inconsistent with other emergency medical care arrangements whereby Tay Bridgehead residents do have the option of accessing out-of-hours care in Dundee.”

Cllr Brett revealed the issue will be raised at a future national meeting.

However, he concluded: “I remain concerned that a resolution could take many months and that, once again, services appear to be being arranged for the convenience of the administration of the system, rather than the needs of individual patients.”