Emma-Lily first to get a baby box

Emma-lily is the first tot in Fife to get baby box.
Emma-lily is the first tot in Fife to get baby box.

A couple from Fife are among the first parents in Scotland to get their hands on a new baby box.

Nicola and Lee Hughes welcomed 7lb 10 oz Emma-Lily into the world at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy yesterday.

They became the first couple in Fife, and among the first in Scotland, to receive their box and its contents, which started being delivered to new parents today (Tuesday).

Baby boxes are designed to give children the best possible start in life and contain essential items for a baby’s first few months, including nappies, clothes, books, and blankets. The cardboard boxes also include a mattress and can be used for babies to sleep in as an alternative to a crib.

After seeing the baby boxes first hand, Nicola, from Cowdenbeath, said: “I think they are amazing. There is a lot of useful stuff in there including things you wouldn’t immediately think of, so you can definitely see the value in having them.”

Lee added: “There really is something for everyone. Items like the electronic thermometer aren’t something you would necessarily think about buying before your child is born, but it’s great to have those sorts of things included.”

Professor Scott McLean, NHS Fife chief operating officer (Acute) said: “We welcome any initiative aimed at ensuring each child in Fife is given the best possible start in life.

“The items contained in the baby boxes are extremely useful for new parents and not only do they contain practical items such as clothes, blankets, towels and a changing mat, they also include crucial health promotion information and resources to support mums and dads on their journey through parenthood.”

The initiative is available to all new parents and further information can be sought from midwives.