Jumbulance coming to Fife

The Jumbulance is coming to Fife
The Jumbulance is coming to Fife

A specialist coach, which allows people who struggle travelling on traditional modes of transport, is to visit Glenrothes in June.

A ‘Jumbulance’ will stop off at Morrisons on June 5, brought to the town by local charity Glenrothes and District Across Group.

The coach is a customised vehicle, which transports sick and disabled people to Lourdes and other destinations around Europe, offering a comfortable trip to those who might struggle on a bus or plane.

The coaches are fitted with wheelchair lifts, room for storing medical supplies, and beds.

Glenrothes and District Access Group has raised more than £20,000 over two years to allow people to use the vehicle, and want to show those who have supported the charity how their funds are being used.

Peter Duff, chairman and treasurer, explained: “It costs around £20,000 to do one of these trips for ten days.

“That covers everything – the nurses, the doctor, the VIPs. That’s the journey and the hotel.

“They also get taken on excursions to various sites.”

The group has run various fundraising activities in the past – from thrift shops in Leven to bingo teas and bag packing – and raise around £10,000 each year.

Peter explained how the ‘Jumbulance’ helps those who need it.

He said: “The benefit to the sick person is that some have an illness that means its not easy to travel.

“This bus is ideally suited for a sick or disabled person.”