Kirkcaldy firm recalls food with extended sell by dates

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A Kirkcaldy company has recalled some of its food products after sell-by dates had been extended and could have posed a risk to health.

Eat & Go Foods Co. Ltd, which is based in Mitchelston Industrial Estate, instigated the recall for some of its pastries, pies and sandwiches.

Foods Standard Scotland’s website noted the recall on Saturday, which applied to shops in Edinburgh, Dundee and Fife.

Eat & Go Foods contacted all its customers, while anyone who had bought the items was urged not to eat them – and instead return them to the point of purchase.

Eat & Go Food was established in 1996. It is an accredited supplier to WRVS hospital shops, convenience stores, filling stations, retail shops, schools, colleges and universities across central and east of Scotland.

The company said it was told on Friday for the first time that products should have had a three-day shelf life rather than the six days it had operated on for many years ‘‘without any problem.’’

Naji Yassen, managing director,said the shorter shelf life would mean products would only be in shops for one day – a situation he said would be impossible for his business to work with.

He questioned the notice from Foods Standard Scotland, and told the BBC: “I feel absolutely upset and angry because I have been doing this for 20 years. We’ve had no problem whatsoever with anybody. How come all of a sudden the six days is too long?”