Kirkcaldy inventor Brian to ‘speak for Scotland’ at medical device conference

Brian McCormack with the flushaway device.
Brian McCormack with the flushaway device.

The Kirkcaldy inventor who is on a mission to save lives with a simple device is to represent Scotland at a prestigious medical conference in Ireland which attracts some of the biggest healthcare firms in the world.

Brian McCormack is to speak at the Medtec Conference in Galway, which takes place next week on October 4-5.

My wife always says I could talk for Scotland, but this time I actually will be talking for Scotland

Brian McCormack

He will address the conference to talk about the Flushaway – a disposable device which has the potential to raise dwindling bowel cancer screening test returns.

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Currently, test kits are sent to thousands of Scots every year, though a great number are never returned. Official literature recommends catching a stool sample in your hand or using a food container, but the Flushaway makes it easier and more hygenic to capture a sample, and is made of a special type of paper which can then be flushed away.

The Fife taxi driver’s invention has been entered as part of the Start-up Academy, a contest which sees just six inventions whittled down from countless devices from all over the world. The six firms will now compete in the final next week.

“It’s great to see Scotland is now going to be represented.

“The amount of medical devices on show there prompted me to apply.

“There could be thousands of people throughout Europe entering with small devices, established companies as well would be entering. But I thought, I’ll have a go, and I got through.

“Up until this point, a lot of nations across Europe were represented, as well as the US. Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, the whole lot, but Scotland didn’t have any representation.

“When I found out we’d got through it felt fantastic. My wife always says I could talk for Scotland, but this time I actually will be talking for Scotland!

“Networking is a big thing there, it’s what the conference is all about.

“The Medtec judging panel have looked at the Flushaway device and can see the merits so I was awarded a place in the final, but there is some tough competition there, a few very hi-tech.

“If you’re lucky enough to win the Start-up Academy, you get international recognition and PR, and that’s huge.

“I’m quite lucky and I’ve had a lot of support from Scottish Enterprise and David Torrance MSP.”

David Torrance said: “It’s good that Brian is at this prestigious event and that Scotland is being represented.

“I’ve met Brian a few times previously, and I’ve put a motion through parliament congratulating him and recognising his achievement, which highlights it to the business community and government ministers.

“The Flushaway device has attracted interest globally for its simplicity and ease of use.

“I wish him every success in the future because it has huge potential to create jobs and boost the Scottish economy.”