Kirkcaldy man nursed back to health “from death’s door.”

Margaret and David Nicholson. Pic by FPA
Margaret and David Nicholson. Pic by FPA

Kirkcaldy man David Nicholson has been described as “a living miracle” after being nursed back to health from death’s door.

Doctors had told the Kirkcaldy man’s family to prepare for the worst after he underwent a massive heart operation, his third in nine years, after which his kidneys “went to sleep” – requiring him to be put on dialysis.

He was unable to eat or urinate and faded away to a shadow of his former self and doctors told him and his loved ones that he was dying.

David underwent surgery to replace a metal heart valve with a tissue valve at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh in January, which was successful. However, shortly afterwards his kidneys stopped and he had to be put on dialysis.

He was moved to the Victoria Hospital in March, where his wife Margaret says he went into decline, contracting numerous infections and suffering two falls, one while in the high dependency unit, before being moved into the hospice.

However brave Margaret refused to give up on him and says she “bullied him back to health” after he came home to Woodlands Road in May.

After what the couple describe as “a horrendous year” David (74), is now fighting his way back to health; his kidneys are working again and he is eating solid food.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my wife,” David said. “She stayed with me when I was in hospital and made sure I was being properly looked after.”

Margaret said: “I just bullied him to eat and to do his physio and when he came home I helped him to try to walk again and didn’t just give up.”

The couple say they have had a lot of support from friends and family.

“There were many times in the last year when I thought I was going to lose him, but at no point did I think of giving up on him,” added Margaret.

“He has had three big heart scares and the doctors had written him off, but he is still here.”

An NHS Fife spokesman said: “We are delighted to learn that that Mr Nicholson has made a full recovery from his illness. A significant number of patients admitted to the Victoria Hospice are eventually discharged back into the community.”