MSp seeks clarity on GP shortage in Fife

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A Fife MSP wants to know the full picture behind growing concerns over waiting times to get a GP appointment.

Alex Rowley has written to Paul Hawkins, chief executive of NHS Fife, asking for details on the number of doctors that practices are short of across the Kingdom.

Mr Rowley believes the number could be around 30, but says that information has been hard to come by.

He believes numbers have dropped from 260 GPs down to 231.

Now he wants clarity from the man in charge of health services in the Kingdom.

Mr Rowley said many constituents had raised concern about the length of time it takes to get an appointment

He said: “It seems common practice to have big queues in the mornings outside medical centres with people trying to get appointments. I am told time and again about the experience of waiting on a phone pressing the redial button trying to get through at the time when appointments are being made for emergency sessions.

‘‘From what I am hearing, is it is becoming more and more difficult to get an appointment.

“I am also aware of a number of practices who have been writing to patients who are not in their catchment area advising them to go to another practice. This seems to be more common as practices try and manage the demands being placed upon them.’’