NHS offers advice to fasters at Ramadan

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NHS Fife Pharmacy is highlighting the impact of fasting by Muslims during Ramadan on the patient’s health.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, it began on July 20 and will end on August 18, the exact dates being determined by the sighting of the new moon.

During Ramadan, Muslims are required to abstain from eating or drinking, from dawn to sunset.

Children, the elderly, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women and those who are ill are exempt from fasting.

NHS Fife says that patients who fast need to be aware of the associated risks of not taking their medication or changing the time when the medicines are taken.

Ishtiaq Mohammed, clinical effectiveness pharmacist at NHS Fife, said: “In all cases of illness, it is recommended that Muslim patients, if they do fast, do so under medical supervision.

“Your local community pharmacy or GP is there for advice.”