Parents of pre-school children given flu warning

Jura Warburton receives her flu vaccination. Photo: Gareth Easton.
Jura Warburton receives her flu vaccination. Photo: Gareth Easton.

With only two weeks left to take up the flu vaccination, the call for parents across Fife to get their 2 – 5 year old children immunised has been stepped up, with health professionals warning about the unpredictable nature of the virus.

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell is calling on mums and dads in Fife make an appointment with their GP within the next two weeks to get their child vaccinated.

She said: “Even the healthiest of children can fall seriously ill from flu, so it is vital they get their vaccine at their local GP practice to help protect their child and prevent the spread of the virus to family, friends and others around them

“The vaccine only takes a few minutes and can protect your child from flu for up to a year, so it really is the best defence against the virus which can be extremely infectious and serious. The nasal spray is painless, has an excellent safety record, and does not contain a live virus, so will not cause flu in your child.

“With only two weeks left until Christmas I am urging parents or guardians who haven’t yet taken their child to their local GP for the free nasal vaccine to do so as soon as possible.”

Dr Margaret Hannah, director of Public Health at NHS Fife said: “It’s very important that children between the ages of two and five receive the free flu vaccine this winter.

“The vaccine is the best defence against flu and not only helps to protect your children, but also helps to reduce the spread of flu.”

To find out more about the flu vaccine and its benefits, visit or call NHS Inform on 0800 22 44 88.