Police launch new substance misuse campaign

PC Kerry Anderson with the latest Signpost to Safety campaign leaflet.
PC Kerry Anderson with the latest Signpost to Safety campaign leaflet.

Levenmouth Police has launched a new campaign to help people overcome drug and alcohol abuse.

The latest edition of the Signpost to Safety campaign aims to offer support to members of the community with issues surrounding substance abuse, ranging from casual usage to addiction.

The campaign leaflet includes a list of agencies people can contact to get advice and guidance regarding substance abuse and drop in clinics in the area.

The campaign is unique to the area and has been setup by the Levenmouth Police.

PC Kerry Anderson, community and alcohol violence reduction officer, explained the reason behind targeting substance abuse.

“We understand there are drugs in the area and it does have an impact on crime,” she explained.

“Especially alcohol. We know people under the influence of alcohol are more likely to be the victim of crime or they are more likely to commit a crime they didn’t intend to commit.

“The campaign focuses on violent crime because we know alcohol can fuel people’s violent behaviour.

“It offers people support and tells them where they can find help.

“Rather than enforcement of police legislation and detecting crime, it aims to keep people safe by preventing crime.”

PC Anderson said she had not seen any statistics to indicate a rise in violent crime related to substance abuse in Levenmouth.

She also explained that the campaign was not just aimed at people with substance abuse, but also relatives and friends.

“It might offer support to family or friends who are concerned about someone’s behaviour,” she said. “It’s not just about the person.

“We’re also not targeting any particular groups, because like violent behaviour, there isn’t any specific age group affected.

“Anyone can be the victim of violent or domestic abuse.”

Urging people affected by alcohol or drug abuse to pick up a leaflet, PC Anderson said: “We just want to offer support and help.
“It’s not just about enforcing, it’s about helping people.

“We understand if someone’s misuse becomes an addiction it can become really difficult.

“We want to help people with that because it will reduce crime and keep people safe.”

The latest Signpost to Safety campaign leaflet can be found at locations around Levenmouth, including GP surgeries and local shops.