Problem parking at hospital being tackled

MANAGERS at NHS Fife say they are working with police to tackle parking problems in and around Victoria Hospital.

And police say they have had traffic wardens in the area on a regular basis since the opening of the new wing to clamp down on illegal parking, with 15 tickets issued in the past fortnight.

Meanwhile NHS Fife is advising members of the public that a journey planner and detailed map showing the best ways to travel and places to park when attending the various departments is on the NHS Fife website, and patients and visitors should check the most appropriate one for them before attending.

Security staff from the hospital have also been patrolling the car parks, while car parking officials dedicated to specific car parks have been directing drivers.

Police say they have had more traffic wardens in the area around the hospital in recent weeks, speaking to and directing drivers and issuing fixed penalty notices where appropriate.

A police spokesman said: “We are working with NHS Fife on the Victoria Hospital travel plan.

“While we are seeking to minimise the impact on the local community we also need to preserve the integrity of emergency routes into the hospital.

‘‘All the partners involved in the travel plan are working to educate motorists and establish a long term, sustainable solution to this problem.

“Community travel wardens have been patrolling the area since the new extension was opened and have encountered issues including illegal parking on verges, illegal parking in prohibited areas and illegal parking on footpaths.

‘‘The wardens have a variety of powers to respond to these issues ranging informal discussions with the drivers to the full use of police powers where required.

“Our wardens have issued 15 Fixed Penalty Notices over the last two weeks.

‘‘ The wardens will continue to patrol this area and take appropriate education and enforcement action when they encounter offences.

“Indiscriminate parking is an offence and each driver has a personal responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is parked safely and in a way that does not impede other road users.”