Relief after hospital hepatitis B trauma

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A Leven man caught up in a hepatitis B scare at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee has spoken of his relief after he was cleared of having caught the illness.

In January this year, double amputee Steven Reid of Rosemount Grove, was admitted to hospital for an operation to remove a piece of bone in his leg.

The operation ultimately led to an infection, which he saw off.

But far worse news was around the corner.

Mr Reid told the Mail: “I got a letter telling me I’d need to be tested because I’d been exposed to hepatitis B - I was just horrified.

“I looked at my partner and said ‘you don’t even want to know what this says’.”

The letter Steven received was from NHS Tayside and was one of 36 sent to patients on his ward, advising them they could be at risk because of somebody on the ward having the condition.

Mr Reid told the Mail he had real concerns about the cleanliness of the ward in which he was staying and had raised these with hospital staff at the time.

He added he was told his GP had been made aware of the problem before his letter arrived, as they wanted to seek assurances on his current physical and mental health.

After he took the test, it was a waiting game for Mr Reid, pictured right, until the results came back on Friday.

He added: “You don’t go into hospital expecting to come out with something like this happening to you.

“When I got the call on Friday saying my results had come back negative, it came as a real relief, because it can do some real damage - especially to your kidneys.”