Third fun run for MND inspired by teacher Mr G

Brynja Duthie with Donald Grewar and new puppy, Midge.
Brynja Duthie with Donald Grewar and new puppy, Midge.

In 2014, when popular Madras Academy teacher Donald Grewar was diagnosed with MND, little did pupil Brynja Duthie imagine she’d be organising fund raisers three years later.

But this year, her third annual Mr G’s MND 5km FunRun will be her last as Brynja leaves school and moves on.

Brynja Duthie

Brynja Duthie

And Brynja is determined that it will be an event to remember for Mr Grewar – or Mr G, as he’s affectionately known.

She recalled: “Mr G’s diagnosis came as a real shock and was surprising to me and many others.

“Mr G was always there for me and many other pupils at Madras and because of this I decided I wanted to be there for him and give something back.”

That first venture attracted around 1000 runners and raised more than £20,000.

Now year three is sheduled for September 3, when Mr G will share centre-stage with his new puppy Midge, who has been adopted as the event mascot.

Brynja is now hoping that the local community and businesses will back her once again.

“The run is only possible thanks to the massive support and help of the local community and businesses – I am calling out to them to ask for their help to make the run as successful as the past two years,” she appealed.

Already Podofit, Thorntons Law, and supermarket Morrisons have offered backing, but Brynja is still looking for raffle prizes.

“There are so many people I am grateful to and I am only sorry I can’t thank them or personally, but I am very grateful and really appreciate their support,” she said.

But she added: “We are desperate for prizes for the raffle. The more prizes we have we hope will make our raffle more attract as well as making it more interesting and in turn generate more money.”

Proud mum Charmaine Duthie explained: “Mr Grewar’s family have been hugely supportive of what Brynja was doing from the off so much so there are family members coming from as far away as the United States to take part.

“Brynja was also very lucky to have been awarded a Young Scot Award last year for her charity work both for Mr G/MND but also Movember/Prostate Cancer as well as volunteering in Scouting.”

Charmaine added: “Although we don’t tell her too often we are very proud of her achievements.”

As Brynja heads off to her new life, planning to study medicine, the Fun Run baton has been handed on to fellow Madras pupil Caitlyn Rice, already involved in helping organise this year’s event.

Mr G’s MND Fun Run takes place at St Andrews University Playing Fields on September 3. More information can be found at Run.