Healthy eating on a plate ...

Kellie Anderson, Maggie's nutritionist
Kellie Anderson, Maggie's nutritionist

fifers undergoing cancer treatment are being directed to a healthier lifestyle with the help of a nutritional expert from our Maggie’s Centre.

Kellie Anderson (48), who is originally from Florida but has settled in Scotland, has worked with Maggie’s since 2007, offering advice on diet and nutrition.

She says that for many people with cancer, eating is one of the few things they can still control - and eating well can give them a physical and emotional boost.

And much of the same advice given to those with cancer could also benefit anyone looking to feel happier and healthier, especially during the cold winter months when colds and germs abound.

Kellie, the nutrition and health advisor for Maggie’s Edinburgh and Fife, said: “There is no doubt that anyone can change how they feel physically and emotionally by changing what they eat.

‘‘From my own personal experience I know that changing my diet helped me overcome niggling health issues and constant colds while helping me to feel more energised.

“I will never say that nutrition is all you need to think about for the best possible outcome when it comes to cancer, but it certainly has a part to play in making people feel better.”

Kellie holds regular workshops at Maggie’s with the informal sessions offering information including ways to combat the side effects of cancer, the latest research on diet and how to put together meals and snacks.

She said: “We work in small informal groups of up to eight, and we follow our session with a vegetarian lunch featuring colourful seasonal vegetables and fruits. Participants go away with a manual full of cancer and nutrition information and guidance, as well as loads of plant-centred recipes – including cakes and treats too.

“When people are undergoing treatment it can have all kinds of side effects such as changes to taste and digestion so the golden rule there is to eat whatever you want when you can.

‘‘There is no point trying to eat something you believe is healthy when it causes discomfort. That’s your body telling you that that’s not right for you at that point in time.’’

The workshops are free of charge and have been funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery.