Heard the one about the stand-up comic who went back to his old school ...

Point of view: Our picture shows Daniel Sloss in full flow, speaking to his captive audience, reliving memories from his time at Waid Academy.
Point of view: Our picture shows Daniel Sloss in full flow, speaking to his captive audience, reliving memories from his time at Waid Academy.

IT’s probably every person’s dream to return to their high school one day and be able to say ‘I’m a success’.

And that’s exactly what East Wemyss internationally acclaimed comedian Daniel Sloss got the chance to do last week as he re-visited his old stomping ground at Waid Academy.

There was no ‘look at me’ attitude though from the 22-year-old, who has shot to fame from telling jokes in the Anstruther school’s playground to selling out venues as far away as Canada and Australia in the space of just five years. Instead he was happy to go and hold a question and answer session and entertain some of his former teachers and the new generation of pupils, whilst also raising money for charity and school equipment.

“It was great to go back and visit Waid,” Sloss told the Mail.

“I loved it as a high school, and my brother currently attends it.

“My other brother will be joining in two years and for me it was a chance to go back and catch up with all the teachers that I got on with and then answer some questions that the kids had about comedy and school and stuff.

“It was really laid back and just a chance for us to raise some money for charity.

“It was obviously a bit weird doing a show to so many people who were so much younger, I was fine, but the rector was constantly reminding me not to swear. He was clearly more scared than I was!”

Sloss may have managed to bite his lip when it came to keeping his language clean but he admitted he did fall foul of going back to some of his old ways.

He added: “I sadly fell back into the habit, despite being an adult now and having not attended school for five years, of calling all the teachers ‘Sir’ and ‘Miss’ and at one point I genuinely asked for permission to go to the toilet. Old habits die hard I guess.”

The event was organised by the school’s enterprise company which is made up of five pupils.

Its managing director Luke Hutchison (17), a sixth-year pupil, revealed over £600 was raised as 170 pupils and staff members each paid £3.50 to attend the half-hour interview session hosted by one of Sloss’ former maths teachers Mr Letham, in the school’s assembly hall.

The money will be split between Diabetes UK and upgrading the school’s sound and lighting equipment.

“Daniel was very willing to come back to the school as it had ‘shaped him as a person’. He was brilliant to work with and a genuinely nice guy.

“He told us many hilarious stories about his time at Waid as well as giving the sixth years tips for their ‘muck up day’ on the last day of school.

“Daniel Sloss - Stand-up”

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