help for dementia sufferers

new Day Centre Services for dementia sufferers at Townsend Place Kirkcaldy
new Day Centre Services for dementia sufferers at Townsend Place Kirkcaldy

people in Kirkcaldy suffering from dementia have been thrown a funding lifeline over the next few years, with a £40,000 grant from Fife Council.

And a move into new, fully-adapted premises in the town centre, means that they are also benefiting from a wider range of services all offered under the one roof.


Day Care Services Ltd. is a voluntary group offering two different types of service – one for elderly people who are still mentally active but may have mobility difficulties; and a a group which offers day care respite for people with mid to late stage dementia.

They were housed in various community centres around the area, but since a move into the former Fife Society for the Blind premises in Townsend Place at the end of last year, the group has been able to offer a much more accessible service.

Anne Smith is manager of the day care programme which offers places for 30 dementia sufferers and 150 active ageing people in the Kirkcaldy area ... and she has a waiting list.

She said: “People are living longer so their needs are becoming greater and their expectations are also higher.

‘‘The biggest change we have seen in recent years is the number of people developing dementia.

‘‘A review carried out by Fife Council, looked closely at all the services we are providing.

Extra funding

‘‘The commitment we have now received with this extra funding means that we can be pro-active in providing a tailored service for people with dementia to try to meet the individual needs of the people in and around Kirkcaldy both now and in the future.

“With the rise in the number of people developing dementia, we would also like to be able to expand our service in the future to help more people.”