Help for homeless over Christmas

Steven Tyrie, left, with friends Naomi Ross and Andrew Moodie
Steven Tyrie, left, with friends Naomi Ross and Andrew Moodie
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Levenmouth people have the chance to join in a venutre which truly brings home the spirit of caring and giving at Christmas.

Former resident Steven Tyrie and a group of friends are once again taking to the streets of two major Scottish cities to bring a little festive cheer to people he cares strongly about – the homeless.

It’s a problem which is swept under the carpet.

Steven Tyrie

Under a charity he runs called Forgotten Christmas, Steven (31) and his colleagues will be distributing food and care packages to those who’ll almost certainly be spending the season of goodwill without a roof over their heads.

Along with friends, Andrew Moodie and Naomi Ross, and others, he’ll be heading to Edinburgh on December 12 and Glasgow on December 19.

Anyone from Levenmouth is welcome to join them on the visits and find out how rewarding it can be to give a little help.

Fund-raising efforts which support the exercise are due to end this Friday, and anyone interested can contribute.

Steven, originally from Leven, now lives in Stirling and works as an asbestos surveyor.

He stayed in Leven and Kennoway and went to Kirkland High School during his time in Levenmouth.

He offered a similar service in 2014 and said: “Last year, we managed to raise just under £1200 and hand out 20 care packages. This year, we are looking to raise £1500 to hand out a further upgraded 20 care packages.”

These feature a rucksack, sleeping bag, pillow, thermal flask, scarf, socks, tammy, gloves, first aid kit, heat pads, toiletries, and food and water.

The food package includes a turkey and cranberry sandwich, crisps, fruit – and a chocolate Santa.

Steven explained how it worked: “After we have found a suitable person, four people from a large group approach the individual with only the food package, while everyone else hangs back.

“We introduce ourselves and capture the individual’s name. One of the four sneaks back to the group and writes their name on a pre-written card, with everyone’s name who has donated.

“While this is happening, the three other people are talking away to the homeless individual, while also giving them their food package. They are then further surprised when everyone else approaches and that’s when we give them their card and full care package.”

Steven said the homeless problem “resonated deeply” with him and he wanted to help a little because it was in within his power to do so.

It seemed to be “at the bottom of the ladder” of priorities and it was important not to pre-judge people who had become homnelss, he added.

Meeting times are 11am in both cities – in Edinburgh, the meeting point is outside the Omni Centre, and in Glasgow, it’ll be outside the Buchanan Galleries.

More information is at while the fundraising page is at