Help for Remploy workers

Remploy Factory, Banbeath Industrial Estate, Leven
Remploy Factory, Banbeath Industrial Estate, Leven
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Former Remploy workers are to be offered help with a range of employment, vocational and social support needs and activities by a local charity.

Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) are being funded by the Office for Disability Issues, part of the Department of Work and Pensions, to deliver this support over a one-year period, starting in October, through its Community Support Fund.

Remploy closed its doors in the town for the final time at the start of the month after vital Government funding was pulled.

It employed over 30, mainly disabled workers, who worked in the textiles industry creating lifejackets.

There was a public outcry when the closure was announced and an ultimately failed, campaign was launched by area MPs including Lindsay Roy and Gordon Brown.

FEAT’s general manager, Duncan Mitchell, hopes his charity can make the most of a bad situation.

“The Department of Work and Pensions have been very keen to provide a range of support to ex-Remploy staff across the whole of the UK and I’m delighted that they’ve backed our project in Leven, recognising our organisation’s strengths and local knowledge.” he said.

“Our actual programme of activities will be very varied and wide-ranging and tailored to the needs and wants of the participants.

“This project is exclusively for the ex-Remploy workers and maintaining their social networking with each other is a key theme of the project, as well as supporting them back into alternative employment or exploring other avenues, such as further training or volunteering.”

Ex-Remploy workers in Leven are currently being contacted about the new service which will be delivered from venues, provided by Fife Council, across Leven ensuring the activities are easily accessible.

Duncan added: “Several other local organisations have also pledged to support the project however they can, so whilst the project will be led by FEAT, once again we’re adopting a partnership approach to ensure the best and most appropriate service is given to each and every participant.”