Help give Jack a brighter future

Terri Lowe and Jack (pic: Dave Scott)
Terri Lowe and Jack (pic: Dave Scott)

A Newburgh couple are appealing for help to fund the therapy that they believe would change the life of their disabled four-year-old son.

Jack Scobie – described by his mum Terri Lowe as ‘happy-go-lucky’ and ‘full of mischief’ has cerebral palsy and congenital heart disease.

He’s unable to sit up unaided and is always in pain. Born more than two months prematurely, Jack developed necrotising enterocolitis and had to undergo bowel surgery at just three weeks.

He had open heart surgery at just one year old and then was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

It means his muscles and tissues are weak and he can’t support himself.

It was when Terri saw 
a video about ABR therapy that she realised her precious son could have a brighter future than she had ever dare hope.

ABR – Advanced Biochemical Rehabilitation – is a gentle, home-based treatment that strengthens the muscles and re-aligns the skeletal structure, helping the child move better and feel more comfortable.

“As soon as I saw it, I thought ‘Wow! This is what my son needs,” said Terri.

“The results were absolutely amazing.

“But unfortunately the therapy isn’t available on the NHS, which meant having to find £6000 to pay for it.”

That’s when the charity Just4Children stepped in and launched an appeal on its website.

So far just over £1800 has been raised, boosted by Terri’s own fund-raising efforts, but there’s still a long way to go.

“ABR therapy would make such a huge difference to Jack,” said Terri.

“It would strengthen his muscles and help his mobility so that he wouldn’t be in constant pain as he is now.”

Terri (23) and her partner Murray Scobie (27) also have a five-year-old daughter, Hannah, who’s in P2 at Newburgh Primary School.

Jack, meanwhile attends the local nursery, where he’s popular with his classmates.

“Everyone who knows Jack say they can believe how happy he always is,” said Terri.

“He is always cheerful and full of mischief ... but he doesn’t know any different and life could be so much better for him.

“ABR therapy would help the muscular imbalance in his body, which is what causes the tightness and pain he suffers . I just want what’s best for my son.”

Just4Children was setup to help sick and disabled children get treatment, equipment or holidays that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them.

If you would like to help Jack, you can read his story and donate at