Help offered to Romanian man to take his wife’s body home

Walter Ioanovici
Walter Ioanovici

A Romanian man is hopeful that his nightmare may soon be over as local people rally round to help him take his beloved late wife’s body back to their home country.

Walter Ioanovici (33), who lives in Kirkcaldy, says he has been “stuck in a nightmare” since Iuliana Bordas (24), his wife of three years, passed away in the Victoria Hospital from colon cancer almost three weeks ago.

Walter and Iuliana

Walter and Iuliana

He has been desperately trying to raise the money to fly her body home to Nadlac to be laid to rest, but says paperwork and lack of money have left him struggling to cope.

However, following contact with Kirkcaldy MP Roger Mullin and FRAE Fife, Walter is now more optimistic that he can fulfill his last promise to Iuliana to take her home.

Mr Mullin has said he will do what he can to help, while FRAE Fife, the organisation which offers support to people from other countries settling in the area, has also offered its services.

An appeal on Facebook has already helped Walter to to raise some money towards the cost, but he says he doesn’t have enough to get both him and Iuliana back home to reunite her with her distraught family.

The couple, who only came to Kirkcaldy in April, were hoping to build a new life here when Iuliana became ill.

Walter, who worked at Amazon in Dunfermline then a fish factory in Rosyth and latterly as a delivery driver for a local restaurant, was forced to give up work in the final stages of her illness as she was suffering from fits and he was frightened to leave her alone.

He says his family and friends have been very generous, with his mother trying to sell her house to try to raise money.

Iuliana’s body is at a local undertaker’s and Walter, who was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and requires dialysis, says that he will do anything he can to honour his wife’s final wish to go home.

“I will not bury her among people she doesn’t know,” he said.

“We came to Scotland for a new life and we both loved it here. When she became unwell I tried to get her to go back home, but she wanted to stay and then it was too late. I want to take her home, but I want to come back here.”

Walter has contacted the Romanian consulate, which told him it can only help with the paperwork.

Kirkcaldy MP Roger told the Press: “Mr Ioanovici approached my office regarding this very sad situation. I am looking into possible avenues of support.”

Adnan Miyasar, chairman of FRAE Fife, added: “We have invited him to come and speak to us to see if there is any way we can assist him.”

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